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Re: [SOLVED] K3B won't run any longer.

Ian Chapman wrote:
Erik P. Olsen wrote:
I am on FC5 with all latest updates and when I wanted to burn the new FC6 dvd iso K3B got an error saying: Could not find growisofs executable. locate on growisofs revealed:

You could try removing your k3b settings (as the regular user) by doing:

rm -f .kde/share/config/k3b*

Then try starting k3b again. If it doesn't find growfs, check the "programs" option in the k3b settings. It shows the search paths that k3b uses to find the programs, make sure they correct then do a search for growfs on the k3b programs tab.

Thanks for leading me to the solution. It turned out that the .kde/share/config/k3brc file must have been from an earlier version. It looked correct but apparently missed the statement:
"growisofs default=/bin/usr/growisofs"

The reason why it work for the root user was because it generated a correct file for that user. After removing the faulty file and chown'ed a few files I was able to run k3b from an ordinary user without problems.

Again thanks a lot,
Erik P. Olsen, Civilingeniør, MSc
Solsortvej 30, DK-2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
Phone: +45 38346480, Fax: +45 20655783, Mobil: +45 40765300

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