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FC6 install troubles

I'm finally trying to install FC6. This one is a Sony Vayo laptop.
I did read the release notes and I know about the kernel options.
If I do use them, I get a kernel panic. Perhaps because my disk is scsi,
and the options set ide1=something.

That's not my problem though. My troubles are with the network card. When
I get to configuring the packages, I want to add fedora extras. It then
pops up a window asking me to configure the network card. I have an
onboard intel interface, and the wireless that comes with centrino. The
installer only sees one, the onboard eth0. 

If I leave it on dhcp, the installer gives me an error (Unhandled
exception) and tells me to save the details and file a bug. How on earth
would I save the logs? I have two options: OK and Debug. If I click OK, it
reboots. If I click Debug, it puts me at a debugger prompt. If it was a C
program, I'd know what to do, but its python.

If I configure the network manually, with IPv6 enabled, it wants me to
enter the IPv6 address and mask. I'm giving myself a private IPv4 address, but I don't know what to do about
the IPv6 address. 

I did try to disable IPv6 support alltogether, but then I still get the
same unhandled error as with dhcp. 

I can try to skip network configuration and not add any extra repository
during install, and hope that I can do all this later, but it would be
nice to see mplayer and other stuff installed from the beginning.

Any pointers, anyone?


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