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Re: Differences betweem x86_64 and i686

On Sat, 2006-10-28 at 14:34 -0400, Mark Thomas wrote:
> A noobie asks
>     I just installed FC6 on a Ferrari 3400 with no problems so far. My
> question is about the differences between a x86_64 and a i686 code.
> The Ferrari has a i686 and FC expects an x86_64. It works, but am I on
> a train wreck waiting to happen?
Are you sure you installed the x86_64 distro?.  I don't believe that can
be installed/booted on a system that does not have a 64 bit processor.

You can easily install the i686 version on a 64 bit system and it will
run well with no hiccups that I am aware of. (The 64bit system runs
32bit software with no problems.)

BTW, FC only expects a 64bit processor if you are installing the x86_64
version.  It otherwise does not care what the processor is.

> Mark
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