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FC6 NFS won't mount as regular user, nor automatically in fstab

Hi folks,

Long time FC fan, first time caller....

Well, I sure do like this new FC6 - got it on two disparate boxes and the burps so far have been trivial. I'm on the last leg - getting my client box to connect to a RH9 file server that's been here for eons, and that a buncho Linux boxen (SuSE 9, SuSE 10, Mandrake 10, FCn:n=1-5) have been attaching to with nary a problem for years, via smb.

But I thought I'd get wit' da program and use NFS for this FC6 client connecting to the server. I'm getting close but no cigar.

1. My server RH9) has a dir, /home/users/wh
2. My client (FC6) has a dir, /home/wh/serverhome
3. On the client, I can mount manually, as ROOT. This works fine:

root> mount-t nfs /home/wh/serverhome

So NFS is running on the server and the server's exports file is set up properly.

4. BUT... I haven't been successful at running this as a regular user. When I run the very same mount command as me, I get 'Only root can do that.'

5. Nor can I get this to run in fstab. Here's what happens:

- fstab entry: /home/wh/serverhome nfs user,username=wh,password=secret,uid=wh,gid=wh 0 0

- When I boot, the remote share icon displays on the desktop, but it is not mounted automatically. Additionally, right-clicking and selecting "Mount" generates an error dialog (empty, wouldn't ya know it...)

So maybe this is an NFS problem (or a PEBCAK problem, more likely), but all the stuff I've done with SMB in the past isn't helping me with NFS.

Ideas? Help?


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