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Re: Fedora Core 6 ROCKS ! Salute to the developers !

On Sat, 2006-10-28 at 07:42 +0200, Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
> On 10/28/06, Kim Lux <hidden> wrote:
>  Its
> > faster. Its cleaner.  Its nicer.  FC6 is by far the nicest OS / GUI that
> > I have ever used.   (I run KDE btw.)
> Hello kim,
> could you tell use what themes (icons, colors,window decorator) you
> use personnally ?

I don't spend a lot of time making things look nice.  

My background is Dragonfly.  I think I got it in FC4.

Colors I am using a dark blue.  Its a little darker than the KDE
default, but not as dark as blue curve.

Fonts are all Sans 10, except fixed width, which is Monospace 10.

For icons, I am using the Bluecurve Icon Theme.

I'm using the plastik theme.  I think most of my settings are stock.

Pretty boring, but it works great. 

About the only visual complaints I have are the fonts in Evolution.
I've never gotten exactly the font I want with it.  Either one doesn't
look good bold or plain or something.

I think the login screen artwork is almost stunning !

I'm just really happy with fc6.
> I'm doing a survey about kde themes which fedora users like :)
> In the end hopefully, we can do something better for fc7 in terms of kde :)

KDE is starting to get some polish to it.  I don't mean that as a rude
comment.  Its always been a functional environment, but fc4 and now fc6
have moved the bar ever further upward in functionality and appearance.
I like the new fc6 folders, for example. 

I was on a Windows machine the other day.  First thing I missed were the
multiple desktops.  Next thing I missed was having a clipboard that
could hold more than one clip.  Next thing I hated was the virus
detector always running and warning me about stuff.  And the fonts were
too small in IE.  Next thing I missed was not being able to ssh onto the
server.  And that was just in one short session ! I was very happy to
get back to my Linux box.  

I find I use the command line for stuff more and more.  So much easier
to mv *.mp3 playlist than to do it with a mouse.  I'm writing scrips for
some of the repetitive stuff I do. 

I find the Linux experience so much deeper and richer than the Windows
experience.  Windows is like snowboarding on the bunny hill.  Linux is
like having access to the whole mountain, including the backcountry if
you need it.    

Kim Lux,  Diesel Research Inc.

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