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Upgrading Fedora C4 to C5 (or C6)


I'm new on this list, perhaps my question could ever be solved, but I didn't find it on history.
I work for a Company and there we have a firewall based on FC4 since Dec/2005. As there's a lot of time we don't receive any updates for the system using Yum, we are needing to upgrade To FC5 or FC6. My doubt is: How can I upgrade the system? I need to Install FC5 or FC6 over the FC4? Do I need to reinstall all the system? Is it possible upgrade without deleting the old one (just saving the config scripts for the runnig services).

Just to simplify responses, I only need to know if I will need to delete the old FC4 (repartitioning or formating) and install FC5/6 or if I can Install the new one over the old one (using the old software configs like Iptables and SSH).

Thanks a lot

Paulo de Souza Lima
Linux User

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