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Re: centrino wireless problems on FC6

Amadeus W.M. wrote:
I managed to install FC6 on my sony vaio, and I can't get the builtin
wireless interface to work for the life of me. There's a sticker on the
laptop that says Centrino Mobile Technology.
I had this working in FC4 and FC5 with the ipw2200 intel driver. I
installed the latest versions from atrpms. Now I didn't have to do that,
because it came with the kernel:
Has anybody succeeded with centrino wireless? I don't know if I'm doing

something wrong, or if it's a bug. I disabled WEP encryption in the router.
The wireless interface does show up in the network configuration gui, but
when I activate it, it says no cable (or link) present.
Any suggestions?

are the devices correct ? means is your ethx your wireless-device ?
maybe a modprobe -rv ipw2200 and modprobe -sv ipw2200 correct this.

what does iwlist <your-wlan-device-here> scan show (then) ?

did you install the firmware ?

i use the firmware from livna !



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