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Re: Upgrading Fedora C4 to C5 (or C6)

Paulo de Souza Lima writes:


I'm new on this list, perhaps my question could ever be solved, but I didn't find it on history.

I work for a Company and there we have a firewall based on FC4 since Dec/2005. As there's a lot of time we don't receive any updates for the system using Yum, we are needing to upgrade To FC5 or FC6. My doubt is: How can I upgrade the system? I need to Install FC5 or FC6 over the FC4? Do I need to reinstall all the system? Is it possible upgrade without deleting the old one (just saving the config scripts for the runnig services).

Just run the FC6 installer. The installer will find the existing FC4 partition, and will prompt you to upgrade. It's pretty much automatic.

Just to simplify responses, I only need to know if I will need to delete the old FC4 (repartitioning or formating) and install FC5/6 or if I can Install the new one over the old one (using the old software configs like Iptables and SSH).

Your old configuration will mostly be preserved. After upgrading, review /root/upgrade.log, which will list all configuration files that have been updated. Manually edit them and make any necessary changes.

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