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Re: centrino wireless problems on FC6

On Sun, 29 Oct 2006 02:08:39 +0200, ronald warsow wrote:

> Amadeus W.M. wrote:
>> I managed to install FC6 on my sony vaio, and I can't get the builtin
>> wireless interface to work for the life of me. There's a sticker on the
>> laptop that says Centrino Mobile Technology. 
>> I had this working in FC4 and FC5 with the ipw2200 intel driver. I
>> installed the latest versions from atrpms. Now I didn't have to do that,
>> because it came with the kernel:
> ...
>> Has anybody succeeded with centrino wireless? I don't know if I'm doing
> yes.
>> something wrong, or if it's a bug. I disabled WEP encryption in the router.
>> The wireless interface does show up in the network configuration gui, but
>> when I activate it, it says no cable (or link) present. 
>> Any suggestions?
> are the devices correct ? means is your ethx your wireless-device ?
> maybe a modprobe -rv ipw2200 and modprobe -sv ipw2200 correct this.
> what does iwlist <your-wlan-device-here> scan show (then) ?
> did you install the firmware ?
> i use the firmware from livna !
> -- 
>    ronald

It seems to be working now. The thing of it is, I just noticed in the
network configuration gui the dhcp radio button is not sensitive (why???),
so I cannot select dhcp. 

Before noticing this I was expecting the wireless
card to get an ip address from the router through dhcp. Instead, since
only the static configuration was selectable (why???) and since the
IP/Mask/Gateway fields were empty, the interface would come up (after
re-installing the firmware from livna) but without an IP address. In fact
that's what made me look again in the GUI, to see how it was getting the

Probably another bug in the network gui. I've been reporting these since

I'm good to go now. Thanks for the help.

Now if I could only get the compiz cube to work, with the nvidia drivers.
And my gps stuff, and my programs to compile. 

I have to say, except for this stupid wireless thing, and the compiz
effects, FC6 looks pretty nice. It's very nice to have all extra packages
like mplayer, gv, pan, pine, and whatever else I use, installed at install
time, as they should be. And despite my troubles with ipw2200, at least it
came with the kernel and I didn't have to search for it, compile, etc. etc.

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