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Re: X session messed up after upgrading to fc6. How to reset Gnome.

Monkey Pet wrote:
Hi, I just reinstalled fc6 (over fc5). The installation went well. However, when I copied my old home directory over, everything went haywire. Now, when I login to the X session via gdm, I get just a cursor, nothing else, no icons, no menus, nothing. I want to keep my old home directory, but want to force it to regenerate whatever is needed for gnome... how do I do this? What files do I delete or copy?? thanks.

The permissions for the users are probably different than they were for your previous install. If this is the case, you would have to chmod recursively for each user home directory so the proper user once again owns the files.

If you actually copied all of the files in your old /home over to your new /home, maybe everything is owned by root. How did you transfer the files over?

Hopefully you only added user-a, user-b, user-c for the first installation and created users in a different order for the new system. If this is the case, user-b might own user-a files and visa versa.

you can either delete and add the users back as originally or recursively change the owner for their respective directories.

You would probably need to do this in runlevel 3 as root.


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