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Re: FC6 NFS won't mount as regular user, nor automatically in fstab

Ian Chapman wrote:
Whil Hentzen wrote:

So maybe this is an NFS problem (or a PEBCAK problem, more likely), but all the stuff I've done with SMB in the past isn't helping me with NFS.

That's fairly normal. One way around it is to use automounter, so that
when the mount point is accessed, the nfs share is automatically mounted, then unmounted after a period of inactivity. Regular users do not need an additional rights for it.

I don't particularly like to do things 'to get around' issues; I'd rather understand what's going on and why things are happening. The troubleshooting page on tldp's NFS how-to alluded to a permission problem where server and client uids and gids aren't matched, but mine are.

I've done a look-see on some automount tutorials and howto's.... jeesh, auto_direct, auto_master, blah blah blah. That seems to be a lot more work to do something that oughta work just fine with fstab. :(


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