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Re: I want my right mouse menu back

Ian Malone writes:

Thierry Sayegh De Bellis wrote:
Sam Varshavchik wrote:
I upgraded from FC4 to FC6.  In FC4, right-clicking on the gnome desktop
popped up a menu which included a convenient link to open a
gnome-terminal window.

In FC6 this link is gone, and I must find it, buried, in the panel menu.

I looked but I can't find any place where I can edit the menu that comes
up when I right-click on the gnome desktop.

This came up with FC5 close to a year ago. Search through the list
archive for the solution.
You could just create a custom launcher, not the exact answer to your
question but a potential workaround to the lack  thereof of a contextual

And that solution was:

yum install nautilus-open-terminal

For the record, a year on, I still think this is craziness.

I now agree.  Very silly.

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