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Re: Upgrading Fedora C4 to C5 (or C6)

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On 28 Oct 2006 at 16:28, Paulo de Souza Lima wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm new on this list, perhaps my question could ever be solved, but I didn't find it on history.
> I work for a Company and there we have a firewall based on FC4 since Dec/2005. As there's a lot 
> of time we don't receive any updates for the system using Yum, we are needing to upgrade To 
> FC5 or FC6. My doubt is: How can I upgrade the system? I need to Install FC5 or FC6 over the 
> FC4? Do I need to reinstall all the system? Is it possible upgrade without deleting the old one (just 
> saving the config scripts for the runnig services).
> Just to simplify responses, I only need to know if I will need to delete the old FC4 (repartitioning or 
> formating) and install FC5/6 or if I can Install the new one over the old one (using the old software 
> configs like Iptables and SSH).

I would play it safe, and do an image backup of the system first. Then try the 
upgrade install. Sometimes the update process goes thru fine, but I've had 
some systems, where the machine will not boot all the way after doing the 
upgrade. I use G4L, and always make a back up image of the server or 
workstation first, and then if the upgrade doesn't work, I can restore the 
machine to exactly were it was before. There is also G4U or Norton Ghost 
that will also make images along with others. 

I just did an upgrade on a lab system from FC5 to FC6, and it went thru fine, 
but I usually do both an upgrade and a clean install to compare the 
differences. Did find that some new things didn't get installed with an 
upgrade that were with a clean install. Did an rpm -qa on both systems to 

I have handled the last 7 updates to g4l, but it is totally free, but make sure 
you confirm the image is good before doing the upgrade. 

> Thanks a lot 
> Paulo de Souza Lima 
> Curitiba/PR
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