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Re: FC6 NFS won't mount as regular user, nor automatically in fstab

On Sat, 2006-10-28 at 16:28 -0500, Whil Hentzen wrote:

> Well, I sure do like this new FC6 - got it on two disparate boxes and 
> the burps so far have been trivial. I'm on the last leg - getting my 
> client box to connect to a RH9 file server that's been here for eons, 
> and that a buncho Linux boxen (SuSE 9, SuSE 10, Mandrake 10, FCn:n=1-5) 
> have been attaching to with nary a problem for years, via smb.
> But I thought I'd get wit' da program and use NFS for this FC6 client 
> connecting to the server. I'm getting close but no cigar.
> 1. My server RH9) has a dir, /home/users/wh
> 2. My client (FC6) has a dir, /home/wh/serverhome
> 3. On the client, I can mount manually, as ROOT. This works fine:
> root> mount-t nfs /home/wh/serverhome
> So NFS is running on the server and the server's exports file is set up 
> properly.
> 4. BUT... I haven't been successful at running this as a regular user. 
> When I run the very same mount command as me, I get 'Only root can do that.'

Is there a reason you want to be mounting and unmounting manually,
rather than just leave a line in fstab to mount it at boot time, and
leave it mounted all the time?

> 5. Nor can I get this to run in fstab. Here's what happens:
> - fstab entry:
>  /home/wh/serverhome  nfs 
> user,username=wh,password=secret,uid=wh,gid=wh 0 0

You don't supply usernames and passwords with NFS (nor uid/gid).  The
same userid (and groupid) is used at both ends, authentication is done
locally (if you've managed to logon as user 500 on this box, you're
considered to be user 500 for the remote ends, as well).

"man mount" and go down to the "Mount options for nfs" section.

An example fstab line from one of my boxes:
server:/var/www  /mnt/server/www  nfs  noauto,intr,udp,noexec,nodev

> - When I boot, the remote share icon displays on the desktop, but it is 
> not mounted automatically. Additionally, right-clicking and selecting 
> "Mount" generates an error dialog (empty, wouldn't ya know it...)

I don't get desktop icons for remote mounts (thank goodness), though I
seem to recall that certain mount options could make them appear (might
have been managed, or removable, or to do with contexts).  Again,
consult the man file.

(Currently testing FC5, but still running FC4, if that's important.)

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