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Re: What is the consensus on the best partition scheme and size?/Keeping home separate

> That seems like it would be (almost) the same as a clean install.
> However, it is still much harder than having /home on a separate
> partition and then just letting the installer format the entire /
> filesystem (along with whatever other partitions you are using for the
> OS).
> Doing it that way means you have to do an rm -rf /<directory> for each
> directory that you want to nuke, and having to also remove any files
> in / itself...  All the while making sure you do not remove /home.
> Is there more than one way to skin that cat? Sure.
> Some are simple and others are needlessly complex.

Also, to do things this (tedious) way, you need some other OS to boot from in 
order to mount / whilst you wipe from it the things you want to...

Its so much easier to just stick /home on a seperate partition, I really don't 
understand those who recommend this way, but each to their own I guess...


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