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VDQ FC5 : fonts-japanese -- and Firefox??

I may be picking nits here, I suppose; if so, I apologize. I ask because
at times whole machines running FC5 suddenly slow down as if immersed in
cold molasses.

The only memory hog a/o leak I know of, if it is one (Opera 9.02,
especially with a dozen or more tabs), seems to correlate with those
times; and so does the tiny graph for memory in Gnome's system monitor,
which I keep on a panel. That chronically reports memory in use over 90%,
way over every time I open a new tab in Opera 9.02, and about as near
100% as never no mind in molasses mode.

So I'm looking for things I can likely do without. One candidate turned up
when suddenly (for the first time I've noticed) yum update wanted to
include some 29 MB of fonts-japanese on two machines-- and didn't want to
run without including them, or I messed up telling it to.

I may once have known six or eight words of Japanese -- long ago and far
away. I certainly have not knowingly done anything on any computer with
that language. Why would any machine of mine demand it? Something in
Firefox 1.5, maybe? At least one machine has umpteen language packages
among its Firefox extensions, which I can't seem to get rid of.

Anyway, when yum insisted, I tried the little yellow updater icon (pup,
maybe?), which in my small experience seems to be about the least
demanding of the three or four update GUI apps I've tried. 

Sure enough, it came up, on both machines, with several boxes checked, one
being fonts-japanese on each. I unchecked them, and it ran fine, reporting
having completed normally.

Then I did yum remove fonts-japanese, again on both machines. That also
ran, asked yes or no, and reported success.

I haven't noticed anything broken yet. 

Did fonts-japanese really get there on its own, or have I just not noticed
it before? If it did, how?? Can I get two or three dozen more language
packages out of Firefox with some update app? Firefox itself has long had
them grayed out -- only.

Beartooth Staffwright, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
What do they know of country, who only country know?

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