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Re: FC5: video resolution problem

On 10/28/06, Jeff Vian <jvian10 charter net> wrote:
The newer xorg uses the values reported by the monitor to select mode
lines.  If yours is not being read correctly it dumbs down to one that
does work.
IIRC, you can put a line similar to this in the monitor section of
xorg.conf to override the automatic config of the monitor
        OPTION  "noddc" "1"
Which tells xorg to ignore the scanned values and to use the specified
ones instead.

You should also file a bug for info with the xorg site so they can get
more info from those monitors that are not currently scanned correctly
and update the X server properly.

it almost worked, but i guess it's just too buggy. the boot process
bar and login screen won't display, but when i finally log into the
gui, the Administration -> display options panel says it's at
1280x1024, whereas it always used to say 800x600 (even though it still
IS displaying at 800x600). so that's different. and for the first
time, i have all the resolution options listed in Preferences ->
screen resolution, whereas before only 800x600 and the one below it
were listed. choosing any of them besides 800x600 still leads to a
blank screen, though.

so i guess it's just buggy, or else i have to play around with a
couple of other options. but i think i'll just switch to my old radeon
card and see if that works. this matrox has been a nightmare in just
about every distribution. the ati can be difficult, but at least the
drivers and everything work once you do get it set up. i'd never
recommend a matrox again to anyone using linux. :o


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