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Re: POLL: Fedora KDE Users

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:

I'm just doing a survey on
1. what window decorator Fedora KDE users like
2. why they choose KDE

in hope that possibly these datas might be useful for FC7 :)

Again, this is not intended to flame wars, but to better know where to
go with UnleashKDE


Probably more than you want but here goes anyway ...

To answer your second question first, I started off many years ago using RH7 (or earlier if that was even possible) with Sawfish. Life was good. Then Gnome happened along and still life with Sawfish was OK. At some point I discovered what has become the B2 (or B II or ...) window decoration style which really resonated with me. But along came Metacity, which to this day I consider evil, mainly because it regressed in functionality from what it replaced and has remained a second class window manager to this very day. Early in Metacity's life I tried KDE and just could not get the excitement others expressed about it. Early KDE for me just did not resonate. I found the graphics so cartoon like as to be a constant distraction. Then, somewhere around FC3, I discovered Xfce and it was like this was the desktop I would have created, if only I had another 24 hours in each day to become a desktop hacker. And Xfce was good enough ... until 4.4 arrived on the scene. I had to have it. And I got it, only on Fedora (rawhide) it came at a huge cost: lots of bugs, special repos, slow response to bugs, teasing functionality, dual head headaches, ...

A few weeks ago I visited a co-worker who just happened to be running a B2 like theme on KDE. That was all I needed. A few days ago I installed the KDE rpms on my rawhide laptop and I am now loving KDE. Which is all a long winded answer to your first question that "B II" is my window decorator of choice. Along with the standard KDE theme.

I find that KDE now looks every bit as professional as does Gnome. Like Gnome, it is much bigger than Xfce but with fractional terabyte disks, gigabytes of memory and billions of CPU cycles running on multiple CPUs, very high resolution monitor(s), all for a few thousand dollars, on a laptop at that. So a little desktop bloat is not so bad. And I'm not feeling any pain from the KDE size and pure joy about all that wonderful, powerful and polished functionality. I'm hooked.


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