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Re: remote desktop FC6 > Windows XP machines.

Darren Foster wrote:

I'm the new boy and am still finding my feet with fedora core 5.
The question i have is:- Is there a program that i can remote connect up
to my customers PC's (predominantly Windows XP machines) so that i can
provide remote support without having to boot my windows machine.
If so can you tell me the name of the program and either a link to a
place with simple instructions for installation or just some simple

I personally use krdc (Remote Desktop Connection), it's a KDE application so it may not appear in the menus if you use Gnome. It's a nice graphical and friendly app that supports both windows remote desktop and VNC protocols. It can also be launched from the command line by using kdrc

To install with windows RDP support type:

yum -y install kdenetwork rdesktop

Ian Chapman.

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