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Re: FC6 NFS won't mount as regular user, nor automatically in fstab

Whil Hentzen wrote:

That's fairly normal. One way around it is to use automounter, so that
when the mount point is accessed, the nfs share is automatically mounted, then unmounted after a period of inactivity. Regular users do not need an additional rights for it.

I don't particularly like to do things 'to get around' issues; I'd

Well actually it's not "a get around" as in a hack. It's a perfectly valid and commonly implemented mechanism :)

rather understand what's going on and why things are happening. The troubleshooting page on tldp's NFS how-to alluded to a permission problem where server and client uids and gids aren't matched, but mine are.

I assume you mean "aren't". I don't think that is the issue. I can mount an NFS share from a solaris box here to the linux box as a regular user and don't have a matching uid or gid on the solaris box. Although obviously to preserve ownership you should.

I've done a look-see on some automount tutorials and howto's.... jeesh, auto_direct, auto_master, blah blah blah. That seems to be a lot more work to do something that oughta work just fine with fstab. :(

Here's an example that should work. You should adjust the options field to something more suitable when you're happy (see mount(8) and nfs(5) for various options) as this is just a base example to see if it works. Obviously replace the name of my server, exports and mount points with your equivalent.

nimo:/export	/mnt/NIMO	nfs	user	0 0	

This should allow you to mount "nimo:/export" as a regular user and be automatically mounted on boot up.

You might also want to check that "netfs" is running on bootup. chkconfig --list will tell you otherwise your nfs exports may not get automatically mounted on bootup.

Ian Chapman.

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