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Re: POLL: Fedora KDE Users

On 29/10/06, Chitlesh GOORAH <chitlesh fedoraproject org> wrote:

I'm just doing a survey on
1. what window decorator Fedora KDE users like
2. why they choose KDE

in hope that possibly these datas might be useful for FC7 :)

Again, this is not intended to flame wars, but to better know where to
go with UnleashKDE


My answers are not included in your radio-boxed answers. So I'll let you know:
* I love Kate. The built in file browser is exacly what I need for
managing tens of websites on a dozen servers via the fish protocol.
* The fish protocol. Like said, it's great for managing lots of remote
machines. It works with Konqi, Kate, and all the other KDE apps. I
love it.
* The panel clock. I have mine set to actually spell out the time, and
it's in my native language (Hebrew). I love that to death. I find
clocks very stressful, and this is the only clock that doesn't stress
me out.
* dcop
* Koffice. Specifically, Kword and Kspread. Lightweight programs that
don't crash and don't take a year to start.
* Small apps like KColourChooser, KolourPaint, Kopete, Konqueror,
Konsole. They are each almost perfect. I could go on an on.
* Amarok is exactly what I want in a music player.

The only Gnome app that I really like is F-Spot. DigiKam just doesn't
live up to F-Spot.

Dotan Cohen


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