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Re: X session messed up after upgrading to fc6. How to reset Gnome.

I also noticed that the first time it logs in and fails, it will default the next login to failsafe.  I had to change the session to gnome and retry.  I got it working by copying the files from a new user directory.  I think I could have gotten it working if I deleted the directories mentioned below also, but I am not going to try since it is working ;) thx all!

On 10/29/06, Ian Chapman <packages amiga-hardware com> wrote:
Monkey Pet wrote:
> I checked the permissions and it seems okay.  I am wondering what files
> to delete remove, so I can cause gnome to just recreate *everything* for
> that user's session.

I think the one's likely to be affecting it are (ensure you have a
backup first!)


Ian Chapman.

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