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Re: Fedora Core 6 ROCKS ! Salute to the developers !

On Sun, 2006-10-29 at 06:23 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:

> > > the many problems being posted
> > > against FC6 have given me pause to move ahead.
> >
> > Just curious what you see as being "the many problems" ?
> >
> I think he meant 'many reports of problems'.  That fact that so many of those 
> 'problems' come from not following good advice is not obvious to someone who 
> hasn't been around too long.

	FWLIW, I have had a standing personal policy for doing upgrades ever
since I switched to RH back in the 2.0 days.  I wait for a few weeks or
so before even starting the process.  This allows all the errata and
bugfixes to filter into the updates channel and also allows for time to
get reports in the lists from people.

	Granted, if everyone did this the only effect it would have is that
there's be all these reports and feedback coming a few weeks later than
the release.

	Lately upgrades have been such a fun experience since my CD drive died
on the laptop.  No floppy and yum upgrade can be brutal.

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