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Multiple distribution booting from one computer

George Hare wrote:
On Sunday 29 October 2006 21:57, George Hare wrote:
> I spoke much too hastily. He whom the gods would destroy, they first make > proud. I can still access each but it requires booting from a cd if I want > to change. I think that there might be some mixing of file systems as well, > don't ask me how. Matter of fact don't ask me anything, I'll ruin your box.
> George Hare

Hi George. Fun isn't it. When you bootup, and get the GRUB menu, which FC is
it booting? FC5, or FC6. this will tell you whether it's FC5's, or FC6's


Well, I am inserting the install cd's and it very quickly gets to the
part where you install the image, but it realizes that everything is
already there and kindly asks me if I would like to add any OS's to
the boot loader, so I add the one that is not there. If I select the
added OS, it gives me GRUB.

That sounds like what you wanted.

If I choose the one it put there, that is the OS I get. It's like the
long version of a boot disk :=[

I think I follow you here, but am not sure. Could to explain this a bit more? What does the entry have? Is it the root (hdx,0) /1/ whatever you mentioned earlier?

The strange thing is the mixing of the file system. On the desktop
icon for computer, network, file system....when I am in fc5 and click
on the file system icon, I get just what you expect, bin, boot,
etc...but the strange thing is the very 1st folder is named "1". When
I click on 1, I get another set of folders bin, boot, etc... but dev
is empty and bin is full,

That is because /dev is a dynamically loaded filesystem. The devices are created at boot, depending upon what devices are detected at loading. The /1 entry is your root filesystem referenced by label which is /1.

but all the folders are different from any folder I've ever seen
before---they are blue diamonds...no, I have not smoked anything.

I believe the diamonds reference symlinked files which it cannot determine since the references are usually against the / as being the root directory. When you are viewing the volume under fc5, it cannot find a valid reference for the symlink.

Then my xmms was already setup and I could load all my tunes from my
other file system. Xine worked as always in fc5, but in fc6 video was
fine but no sound, I have onboard sound and I put a sound blaster in
it as well. I did quite a bit of knuckle scraping with this until I
found the new sound default system. I didn't have to set it for xmms,
but I did for xine? I am going to be semi-content for awhile going
back and forth, but I'm going to find some reading on Grub and
install 20 distro's just for spite.

good luck getting sound up and running in FC6. Have fun with your 20 distros. I am content with one development installation and one FC6 installation. I bit the bullit and downgraded glibc and company in FC7 in progress and am typing this response in the system.

Enjoy Linux 20 times over, if you get your 20 versions successfully installed.

BTW, thanks for passing on the feature where the installer prompted you to allow an adding of an install to the menu. I like this feature and will try this on one of my systems to see how it works out.


From: "grumpypenguin"
Don't worry about it I Fubar mine all the time ;-(

This was only the first battle; the war is far from over.


You will be singled out for promotion in your work.

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