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Re: metacity keybindings stopped working after FC5->FC6 upgrade

... but with compiz you have other cool keybindings to change the
Desktops - here an excerpt from the opensuse page
Default plugin keyboard shortcuts
There are many configuration options under

      * Switch windows = Alt + Tab
      * Arrange and View All Windows = Moving the pointer to the top
        right screen corner turns on or off; clicking a window will zoom
        it to the front
      * Switch desktops on cube = Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right Arrow
      * Switch desktops on cube - with active window following = Ctrl +
        Shift + Alt + Left/Right Arrow
      * Rotate cube manually = Ctrl + Alt + left-click and grab an empty
      * Make window translucent/opaque = possible with the "transset"
        utility or Alt + wheel mouse
      * Zoom-in once = Super-key right-click
      * Zoom-in manually = Super-key + wheel mouse up
      * Zoom-out manually = Super-key + wheel mouse down
      * Move window = Alt + left-click
      * Snap Move window (will stick to borders) = Ctrl + Shift +
      * Resize window = Alt + right-click
      * Bring up the window below the top window = Alt + middle-click
      * Slow-motion = Shift + F10
      * Water = hold Ctrl+Super key 
              * Rain = Shift-F9



"Super-key" means the Linux respectively W** key.
If you know of others, please add them here.

      * Film effect - changing dekstop  = Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow (hold the
        Ctrl+Alt then for changing desktop + Left/Right arrow. You can
        also hold down the left mousebutton to move the "film") Can be
        used in combination with the "Switcher".

Am Sonntag, den 29.10.2006, 08:47 -0800 schrieb Adam Monsen:
> When I press "Left Windows Key + d" on my keyboard, I like that to run
> gnome-dictionary. Since Fedora Core 1, I've been doing this using a
> script that calls gconftool-2 or by firing up gconf-editor and
> manually modifying metacity shortcuts, as described here:
> http://gnome-hacks.web.com/hacks.html?id=14
> After upgrading to Fedora Core 6, the metacity keybindings suddenly
> stopped working. I can see that in gconf-editor, the metacity
> keybindings are still properly defined, for instance,
> "apps->metacity->global_keybindings->run_command_6" maps to "<Mod4>d",
> and "apps->metacity->keybinding_commands->command_6" maps to
> "gnome-dictionary". And, I'm pretty dang sure I'm still using metacity
> since it is in the process table and my graphics card doesn't support
> AIGLX, so compiz wouldn't even run if I tried (and I did try). 
> Anyone know why metacity no longer intercepts the Mod4+d chord?
> My next step is probably to blow away all my ~/.gno* settings
> directories since I don't do a heck of a lot of desktop customization,
> and if I do I'm probably spending time on something I don't need to
> spend time on. 
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> Adam Monsen 
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