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2nd try - e2fsck parallelism

I didnt get any response to my first query, so
I'm asking again. Apologies if you replied and
I missed it - please re-send.

I have a system with about 50 SCSI drives spread across
5 buses, mostly with 1 ext3 filesystem per drive.
After a crash I decided to accept the boot-time offer
to fsck them. About half a dozen proceeded to be checked
simultaneously, but thereafter the rest went off one by one.

Is this a bug? Should fsck be able to handle this many in
parallel? Or should it do things in smaller parallel chunks?

I have to confess that I'm running RHEL4 and my e2fsck
version is still 1.35, 28-Feb-2004. Maybe someone knows
that this has been fixed in a later version.

My fstab has a '2' in the 6th position for all filesystems
except root, which has a '1' as instructed in 'man fstab'


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