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Re: Fedora Core 6 ROCKS ! Salute to the developers !


Em Sexta 27 Outubro 2006 23:46, Kim Lux escreveu:
> I've been running FC6 for a few days now, intensively.  I upgraded from
> FC4.
> Although there are few minor bugs and glitches, FC6 totally rocks.  Its
> faster. Its cleaner.  Its nicer.  FC6 is by far the nicest OS / GUI that
> I have ever used.   (I run KDE btw.)

Kim, do you use KDM for graphical logon? If yes, does the keyboard stop 
functioning after you logout and get back to the graphical login screen (not 
100% of the time, but very, very often)? If this does not happen at first, 
please reboot before testing again. I've noticed that, in the few times the 
keyboard works after a logout, it remains working until the machine is 
rebooted again.

> I can't believe how much nicer konqueror is now.  It never crashes on
> any web page and that is saying something because previously it was
> prone to crash.  Good work.

Do you have any problem running java applets in Konqueror? Could you please 
test this site:
There should be a ticker and a graph. Here the ticker works fine in Konqueror, 
but the graph starts loading and then display "system failure". It works in 
Firefox, however.

I fully agree with your statements about FC6, it's the greatest OS I ever used 
in a desktop.



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