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Re: POLL: Fedora KDE Users

On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 12:38 +0200, Dotan Cohen wrote:

> If you're using KDE apps in XFCE then you've gained nothing by
> switching to the lighter desktop. The KDE apps depend on KDE libraries
> that will get loaded in XFCE as well.

	Same situation with GNOME apps.

> That's the reason that I don't switch I am too dependant upon Kate to
> give her up, and using Kate I might as well use KDE as the libraries
> are already loaded.

	There's actually many other reasons one might use Xfce besides the
"resources" point.  I personally had been using Xfce since version 1.x
and really prefer the way that the wm handles windows and the phylosophy
that the bundled apps (i.e. file manager, editor, terminal, etc.)

	One of the funniest things (funny strange, not funny "ha ha") that's
been happening recently is that Xfce has moved away from the #1 reason I
have always used it.  See, it started out as a pannel that gave CDE'like
functionality to fvwm.  Over the years it grew into it'sown WM then it's
own DE but even with all the added featurs and functionality is could
still be made to look and feel like CDE (only much better).
Unfortunately the direction that version 4.4 has taken had moved away
from any kind of CDE'ness.  I'm not ragging on the dev team for Xfce.
They do what they can and feel is right based on what they and the
userbase need.  I am definitely in the vast minority in my preference.
I just will really miss the UI I found to be the one that was right for

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