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Re: Cpuspeed service for Centrino FC6

Chong Yu Meng wrote:
> Hi all,
> One other problem I am seeing in FC6 is that when I try to start the
> cpuspeed service, I get this error: 
> FATAL: Module speedstep_centrino not found
> This is my configuration in /etc/cpuspeed.conf:

I am writing here since I have noticed that there is other cpu speed
daemon: cpufreqd. Cpufreqd (hosted at sourceforge) is much better that
cpuspeed since it supports different governors and rulez (e.g. it can
set the cpu at high preformance when playing a video with mplayer).

Unfortunately, cpufreqd is not included iin the most recent version
(2.2.0) in the Fedora repository, I have found the 1.2 (that is very old
!) on the dries. So I have installed and configured it manually, by
untarring and making.

One thing: the module speedstep_centrino is no longer used in the kernel
2.6.18, it seems. Use the ondemand governor instead.


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