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Tips for passing the media check

List members,

I downloaded the FC6 installation images to my Windows XP machine and used Nero to burn them to CDs, but the media check kept failing. After some research, I found a reliable method for burning installation CDs that pass the media check.

1)  Boot into Knoppix using the following boot options
    - knoppix 2 toram dma

2) Stop the automount service
    - /etc/init.d/autofs stop

3) Unmount the CD burner
    - umount /mnt/cdrom

4) Mount the drive containing the FC6 images
    - mount /dev/hda1

5) Change to the directory containing the FC6 images
    - cd /mnt/hda1/FC6/i386

6) Burn the images to CD
- cdrecord -v -pad -dao speed=16 -eject dev=/dev/cdrom FC-6-i386-disc1.iso

Of course, any Linux distribution should work, but I just happened to have my Knoppix 4.0.2 CD handy. The important part is invoking cdrecord with the -pad and -dao options. In order to determine the right speed setting for your machine, you can use the -dummy option to perform test runs.

Good luck,

Matthew Roth
InterMedia Marketing Solutions
Software Engineer and Systems Developer

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