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FC6 doesn't recognize ATI X1300 graphics card

After doing a clean install of FC6 (i386) on a notebook containing an ATI X1300 graphics card, the machine cannot successfully start X. After poking around, I noticed that the installer-generated xorg.conf file is missing some key sections (monitor, graphics device info), and more disturbingly that the anaconda log file contains a line about the ATI X1300 being an unrecognized device! The device is listed correctly by lspci, but rerunning system-config-display doesn't help.

Has anyone gotten an X1300 to work with Fedora? Note that I'm not interested in using the ATI-supplied driver (yet), I just want to get the device working using the vanilla radeon/ati driver that comes with the OS.

FYI, a bug reported has already been created (though it is for RHEL) at

Thanks for any help.

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