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what wireless nic do you recommend?

Ok, i'll try this one more time, this time in plain text and subscribed.

Hi, everybody. I'm running fedora core 5, and soon, probably 6. I'm
looking for a reliable wireless pci nic at a good price. The cheaper,
the better, but i'm willing to pay up a little if it works perfectly,
with a minimum of installation hassle. I prefer that it have excellent
native driver support, but i'll live with it if it works with
ndiswrapper. For security, it should support wpa-personal with tkip, at
a minimum. I emphasize: i want it to work reliably; i don't want to have
to mess around with dropped connections, flaky authentication, or
whacked-out, time-consuming configuration or reconfiguration. I'm
looking for as close to that happy::it-just-works experience as i can
get. You boot it up, and, once (painlessly) installed and configured, it
works without having to think about it. Ever.

I have a couple of marvell chipset nics that used to work halfway
decently with ndiswrapper, but something must've changed in the wireless
extensions support, because now wpa-personal doesn't work with the
wireless tools and/or ndiswrapper with these cards anymore in fc5,
whether i use the rpm-packaged software or the latest-and-greatest from
source. Transcieving in the clear is just not cool.

So... what make/model should i buy?

thanks in advance,
- gabriel

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