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Re: Memory staying in cached status -- Possible Memory Leak

Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
> I ran a memtest86+ scan on the box, and there were no errors reported by
> application. At this point it would appear there is a resource hog that 
> is causing this issue. What utility can I use to track the usage of
> the various programs on the system. 
> The top utility comes to mind, but what options would I use including the
> ability to output the results to a file?

Three things:

Do you have swap turned on? If so, how much is being used just before it

The free command should tell you this: if you want to script this,
something like
while true ; do free >> ~/free.log ; sleep 30 ; done
should append the output of "free" to a logfile in your home directory
until you press Ctrl-C.

top -b -d30 > ~/top.log
ought to do you.

Hope this helps,


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