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Re: Media Check errors on Fedora Core 6

Thompson Freeman wrote:

Another of my silly little "challenges". As in things aren't quite working as expected 8-/.

I have downloaded the cd isos for FC-6, and the sha1sums of the images test as good. I have burned to cd two complete sets of cds, and gotten one cd to pass the media check step. _Everything_ else fails, and fails multiple times. I have looked at bugzilla and not found mention of this being a problem as it has in the past with fedora.

Is anyone else having similar challenges, or should I assume the problem is entirely on this end?

As a side issue, how would I get the sha1sum of the burned cd? I believe that should remain the same as the image file, or am I completely a sea?

Thanks in advance for your help

As a hopefully useful additional datapoint...

I've done very similar, but with the DVD image, having done:

1) Downloaded DVD ISO of FC6 via bittorrent

2) Verified the SHA1SUM of the image

3) Burned it to DVD+R and used the verification feature of the burn
   software to ensure the image burned correctly.

4) Booted off DVD and attempted to install over top of an existing FC5

The first attempt got as far as bringing up disk druid where I planned
to custom partition.  The installation hung with a kernel BUG()
assertion which was dumped to one of the consoles.  Anaconda et al. was
no longer functional, however VC switching still worked.

The second attempt got slightly further, allowing me to select my
partitioning scheme in disk druid, however when I selected "Next" to
leave disk druid and proceed, the installation hung again, this time
with a fairly large python traceback.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my digital camera handy at the time, and
wasn't able to capture the details for a proper bug report yet.  When
time permits, I'm going to attempt a 3rd install with camera in hand
and try to capture useful details to dump in bugzilla.  For the mean
time, I thought it might be useful to share this here in case it helps
others pinpoint down any problems.

This system is a 2.8Ghz Intel Pentium 4 Northwood, with an i865 chipset,
PATA drives.  Currently running FC5 and another OS without trouble.

I'll dump more info into bugzilla when I can reproduce it again.

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