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Spellchecking in Evolution has done gone and left me

	If you have been following the thread about the "rm bug" you'll note
that I was the original poster.  In the post I pointed out that I
stupidly went and deleted some files from /usr/lib.  Many of them were
GNOME/GTK+ related in that it took a bit of forcing to get Evolution
back running.  I still have things that aren't working right, if at all,
like Nautilus and printing but those can wait.

	My current dilemma is that there are now no languages available under
Composer Preferences -> Spell Checking.  My spelling (in)abilities are
legend in some parts of the world.  Needless to say I need spell
checking back.

	What rpm package has the languages associated with Evolutions spell
checking functionality?  At the moment I am forced to using other apps
(today I'm using KEdit) to compose my email and spell check it then
cut-n-paste into the body of the email.  Not exceedingly terrible but
still inconvenient.


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