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[Solved] [FC5] "Sender address rejected" for just about all email now

This is postfix not being able to resolve the claimed domainnames that
folks are using in their mail.  What happens when you check the domain
name of a failed sender address with host.

eg  for joe example com try "host exampleXXX.com".

bash-3.1$ host exampleXXX.com
Host exampleXXX.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

If your dns can't find even well-known domains (say redhat.com ;-))
then you'll want to fix that first.  Postfix should then fix itself
perhaps after a restart/reboot.

I just run bind (aka named) locally.  Using some isp's server usually
creates problems like the above.

Thanks Wolfgang!

Yes, it was a typo in my resolv.conf. So while a "dig domain.tld"
found the MX and A records and an "nslookup domain.tld" found the NSs,
a "host mit.edu" rendered nothing.

And yeah, I've configured BIND to serve local (LAN) NS && DHCP
services, while the resolver refers to external (WAN) NSs for external

Thanks again :-)


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