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Re: Cannot Boot FC6 Install DVD(s) on Athlon 64 System

On 10/29/06, Rick Bilonick <rab nauticom net> wrote:
I have two Athlon 64 systems both running FC5 and almost identical (same
motherboards, memory, etc.). Both had newer DVD reader/writer drives. I
had originally installed FC3 on both from DVD without problems. When I
tried to install FC5 from dvd, they would boot and get almost to the end
of the installation before failing (nicely destroying the working FC3s).
I had a rewritable CD/DVD reader drive that I put in each machine and
was able to install FC5 without any problems. I left the rewritable
CD/DVD reader drive in the last machine I installed FC5 on.

Now I want to install FC6. I burned two copies of the DVD. Trying to
avoid problems I thought I would start with the machine that currently
has the CD/DVD drive in that worked with FC5. But FC6 does not boot at
all. I get a message saying it's booting from the CD/DVD but after a
time out it fails. I tried the other machine with the newer DVD drive
and it boots FC6 and I'm able to test the DVDs (both copies pass the
test). The machine with the CD/DVD drive won't boot either. I'm afraid
to try to install on the machine that has the newer drive for fear that
the install will fail part way through.

At this point I'm not sure what to do. It's like a giant step backwards.
I'm downloading the 6 CD iso's now. Should I just install from the CDs?
(I'm hoping the CD install doesn't fail.)

Rick B.

Change media type, i.e. use DVD+R in place of DVD-R or DVD-RW. Not all
DVD drives are created equal. Some drives cannot read DVD-R or RW and
definitely not RAM.

You can also just burn CD #1, boot it, and perform an NFS or FTP install.

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