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Re: Installing FC6 from USB drive

Rick Bilonick wrote:
I believe that you need to start the install using expert mode. Then you should be prompted for install from hard drive. There should be a prompt for the device followed by a prompt for directory where you locate the iso file or files. Anaconda should do the mount and loop functionality steps.

This worked for an IDE drive. I am not sure if it would work for getting the files from a USB drive though. It should, but am not positive.

Without running expert, USB drive drivers are not loaded.

Your experimentation required.


As I think I now understand, I need to copy the iso file to the hard
drive (or usb drive)? Is that correct?

That is the way that I did a hard disk install. I just put the iso files in a directory of type ext3 under an easy to remember and type directory name. When the installer came up, I chose the hard disk install method. I then entered the device or chose one of the available selections. I cannot recall how fancy or plain the installation was. I then added the directory name. As mentioned earlier USB hard drives are only detected when booted into expert mode with 'linux expert' entered at the boot prompt. Without choosing that install option, usb hard disks are not detected.

 When I had just copied the files
from the DVD install disk I burned, when I was prompted for a device I
would put /dev/hda1

This should probably be /dev/sda1 or whatever the drive is recognized as. If the designation is still the same as I used to see with usb hard disks.

and then for a directory I would put the directory
info but it always said something like that it could not find the
directory and it would append "/tmp/hddrive" to the directory info I
gave (I don't remember exactly except for /tmp).

It might be because of the destination not being detected because usb hard drives are referred to as sdx devices instead of hdx devices. Either that or it is a horrible bug that was newly introduced.

Rick B.


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