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Re: Media Check errors on Fedora Core 6

Thompson Freeman wrote:
This system is a 2.8Ghz Intel Pentium 4 Northwood, with an i865 chipset,
PATA drives. Currently running FC5 and another OS without trouble.

I was able to successfully upgrade an FC6test2 system to FC6 without trouble. The chipset is i915 on that machine with one PATA drive and a P4 processor. The disc was burned as DVD+R and worked on several machines using either USB external burners or internal DVD writers. All computers were installed using the DVD writers as the read device.

Is it possible that the DVD reader is not included in hardware data? My USB DVD recorder was not included in early FC5 tests and was recognized as a disk ..... kaboom was the result. The information was added to hardware data and the next installs are still good for both external and internal Dell DVD units.

Also, as noted elsewhere in this threed, try booting the install cd with the kernel command line "ide=nodma". It worked for me at least.

Just a note that adding ide=nodma to the installer will add this parameter to new installs. I don't think an upgrade will add the option to the kernel.


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