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Re: youtube works!!! Papadizi!!!!

On Mon, 30 Oct 2006, Ric Moore wrote:

The Universe now spins in greased grooves. After all of that dinking
with the new nvidia and the cubes and everything, I lost sight of what
truly significant in my life... Papadizi.

Ah... the true single-mindedness of a man, with Honor. His one raw
guiding principle, acquiring an American "Woo-man", is brought to focus
in his vignettes, along with goat cheese and a fire side chat. Life
becomes reduced to the simplist terms, with no ambiguity nor falsehood
to his lifestyle. The trading of a woman for a goat. Simple, yet how
elegant in old world charm.


Just re-install flash to get your viewing pleasure enhanced by sound.

Dude. You gotta lay off the Dr. Bronner's soap. I think it is affecting the speach center of your brain.

Q: Why do programmers confuse Halloween and Christmas?
A: Because OCT 31 == DEC 25

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