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Re: what partitioning rule am I not aware of?

From: "Ian Chapman" <packages amiga-hardware com>
Tom Horsley wrote:

Is there some rule I don't know about on the number of
partitions? Or is it a rule about the starting address of a
partition (can't be too big maybe)?

Its really very irritating that they keep making disks bigger and
bigger and software never seems to know what to do with them :-).

IIRC there is a partition limit of 15 for SCSI devices and something like 63 for IDE devices. The SCSI limit probably also applies to psuedo-scsi devices like SATA, USB drives etc. Exactly what's responsible for the limit, I couldn't say whether it's the kernel, scsi subsystem, partition layout limits etc. It may work in Windows but to be honest almost all PC OSs handle partition layouts differently to some degree or another.

Those are device limits not partition table limits. {^_-} I had both
SCSI and IDE drives at the same time when I had that silly setup with
30 or so partitions.

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