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Re: XDMCP Client which runs under the desktop?

Styma, Robert E (Robert) wrote:
I have been looking around without much luck for
an XDMCP client which can run as a window under another
X server.

As an example of what I am looking for, consider the Windows
program Exceed, by Hummingbird.  I can bring up an Exceed
X server sesson and tell it to act as an XDMCP client.  I can
then point it at a Fedora (or other Unix) server with XDMCP
turned on and can get a window with the desktop from the
Fedora server.  I can have serveral of these windows available
at one time.

I suppose you could say I am running an X server using a window
as the display screen.

Has anyone seen software which supports this functionality on Fedora?
An RPM is of course preferable, but compile and install is OK too.

Both Xnest and Xephyr are nested X servers (they are both an X server,
and an X client) and do exactly what it appears you're looking for.
They are both included with Fedora Core, just install them and
read the documentation, it's pretty simple to set up.

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