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Re: FC6 - ATA1/ATA2 SRST errors on boot

Regarding the excessively long boot times and timeout errors
from the ata_piix module...

In case enybody reading this didn't catch it in a different thread
on this mailing list, Bob Chiodini provided a possible solution or
workaround.  It disables the SATA drive probing, which is
particularly useful on systems that don't support SATA but that
the kernel thinks does (of which the Dell Optiplex GX270 is
known to exhibit this annoying behavior).  Here's what Bob said:

... did some tweaking to /etc/modprobe.conf and this might
avoid the ata_piix timeouts during boot and/or udev init.

Add or modify as follows:

alias scsi_hostadapter ata_piix
options ata_piix noprobe

As long as you do not have SATA drives.

This was tested on a Dell GX270

Of course this only applies once you have FC6 installed (or
after upgrading to the latest FC5 kernel).  If you're in the
process of doing the FC6 install, just be patient--the timeouts
will take a couple minutes, but they will pass and it will cause
no harm.

Thanks Bob.
Deron Meranda

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