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Re: POLL: Fedora KDE Users

On Monday 30 October 2006 10:24, Andy Green wrote:
> Joe Klemmer wrote:
> >>   - KDE uses much less memory than Gnome, despite greater functionality
> >
> > 	I'd also go into how Xfce makes GNOME and KDE look virtually identical
> > in (lack of) functionality and performance but that would only start a
> > flamewar and I'm to darn tired to fan it.  :-P
> I installed Xfce to see how badly you pay for those extra tens of MB, it
> is actually pretty decent.  It seems to take after Gnome in its style,

Xfce was alright, I could definitely use it and the memory usage seemed lower.  
The biggest practical problem I found using it on this laptop was the lack of 
a power management tray UI, there was no way I found to hibernate or set the 
power profile for example, which can be done from the KDE battery icon.

However it crashed out while I was selecting an icon scheme, killing (and not 
restarting) its panel and leaving an empty background (with the picture still 
present).  I Ctrl-Alt-Backspaced X out and on restart, Xfce crashes out every 
time it is started now, back to the graphical login.  So back to KDE for me, 
but Xfce was definitely usable while it lasted.


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