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Single entry mirrorlists in FC6?


I installed FC6 last friday, and I noticed a problem with Yum. Almost every
time I tried to use yum to either install new packages or update existing
packages, it complains that ftp://falkor.skane.se/... is busy, trying next
mirror, and exits.

I looked at the mirrorlist entry in /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-updates.repo,
and downloaded the mirrorlist in my web browser. The mirror list only
contained *one* mirror (I'm in Sweden). In FC5 and previous versions, the
mirror list used was


which contains a lot of mirrors.

Is it really good that I only get Swedish mirrors, as there is only one? Of
course, I could point it to the US mirrorlist manually, but that would be a
hack that does not solve the real problem.

I'm considering filing a bugzilla entry for this issue. Any comments?


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