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Re: fetchmail and not delivering cc + bcc mail

On Tue, 2006-10-31 at 12:41 +0200, Gregory Machin wrote:
> Hi
> Please could you advise.
> I have fetchmail / sendamil running on a server that collects mail
> every 15 min, but it seems that the mail address in the cc and bcc are
> not being delivered to the user's boxes and going to the catch all
> box.
> What could be wrong ...
> -- 
> Gregory Machin
> gregory machin gmail com
> www.linuxpro.co.za

Create a procmail recipe to deliver the mail to the user mailbox.
If fetchmail is being run by root then put a .fetchmailrc in root's
directory or you can set one up in /etc. If it is a user account you are
running fetchmail create a .fetchmailrc in the users directory. The most
important line is to use 

is localuseraccountname here

sample .fetchmailrc 

set postmaster "username"
set logfile .mailfetch-log

poll mail.servername.net with proto POP3 uidl
 user 'pop3_username' 
pass 'pop3_password' 
is localuseraccountname here 

## end of .fetchmailrc

You can use a .procmailrc recipe to catch anything to a
certain pop3_accounts name in the header.

* .*pop3_username.*

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