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Re: fixing amarok ???

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Kim Lux <lux <at> diesel-research.com> writes:
I didn't see the option to do so.  I must have missed that.  I didn't
select any packages or anything.  It used all 5 CDs.

But you didn't enable Extras during install, did you?

It mustn't be a patent issue because I just noticed that it un-installed
gtkterm as well and there are no patent issues with that that I'm aware
of.  And gtkterm is in extras.  I'm not exactly sure what happened, but
lots of my apps got un installed.

It's apparently a new "feature" in Anaconda which removes all apps with broken dependencies (if not all apps which aren't in the 5 CDs) during an install, rather than giving you the opportunity to fix them up post-install as it used to do.

Having upgraded two boxes to FC6, I haven't noticed this new "feature" at all, and running "package-cleanup --problems" did reveal some broken deps in the upgraded systems. So I think that whatever happened to the OP's system must have been something else.


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