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Re: Reading mbox mail on Thunderbird (FC5)

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 08:19:20AM -0800, Gordon Charrick wrote:
> I've set up Thunderbird with 2 different accounts. One is a pop account 
> from my ISP, and the other is a regular mbox account for local email.
> The pop account works just fine. I get notified when new mail shows up. 
> The problem is that I get no notification when I get local email. If I 
> select the inbox for the local mail and click the "Get Mail" button, it 
> shows up immediately. Under the server settings I have it set to check 
> for new mail every 5 minutes but it doesn't seem to work. Anyone else 
> see this problem and have a solution?

I believe it's a feature.  It has never worked for me, and several
months ago even led me to submit to the temptress known as Evolution 
for awhile, just so I could see my mbox traffic show up without
having to click "get mail" (or whatever).

I'm now back with T'Bird.  Evo and I didn't get along very well.


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