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Re: yum problem - and solution

Tim wrote:
On Tue, 2006-10-31 at 11:26 +0000, Timothy Murphy wrote:
(2) Why did "yum clean all" not solve the problem?


On subsequent uses of YUM, you used a different mirror source, one that
was in a fit-to-be-used condition.

In the meantime, the repo changed from being not-ready to being read.


There seems to be something really bad about how YUM mirrors update.  It
seems like every time I want to use one, it's not in a usable state.  I
nearly always have to do a "yum clean metadata" before I can do a yum
update or install, and sometimes I have to do it several times (i.e. it
clears out the problematic repo data that's been downloaded, and tries
yet another set of mirrors.

Surely there's a need for some better system of co-ordination?  Or, at
least, when you contact some repo mirror that its repo data reflects
what is usable on *it*, not what's potentially going to be available,
and it only updates after the latest RPMs and headers are ready.

Just looking at the usual mess, it seems like mirrors don't have their
descriptive data and RPM headers and files in sync.

               I don't understand what's happening but I haven't been
               able to yum update since yesterday until I did "yum
               clean metadata" as you pointed out. I've been reading
               all the yum stuff that came up and this message was the


               Bob Goodwin

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