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Re: metacity keybindings stopped working after FC5->FC6 upgrade

"Adam Monsen" <haircut gmail com> writes:
> When I press "Left Windows Key + d" on my keyboard, I like that to run
> gnome-dictionary. Since Fedora Core 1, I've been doing this using a script
> that calls gconftool-2 or by firing up gconf-editor and manually modifying
> metacity shortcuts, as described here:
> http://gnome-hacks.web.com/hacks.html?id=14

Xorg a while back broke the default <mod4> mapping I was using.  I've
just been adding it back "by hand" via a global xmodmap setting.  Just
add the following two lines to this file:


clear mod4
add   mod4 = Super_L Menu

I prefer "Menu" for the right-hand mod4 key, you may want to use
Super_R instead.

After I added this Xmodmap and rebooted, I was able to put all my
window manager commands on <mod4> maps.  I like <mod4> for this since
<alt> bindings tend to interfere with keys the programs themselves are

The mappings I'm very  frustrated if I can't have are:

<mod4>i  iconify
<mod4>f  maximize
<mod4>h  horizontal-maximize
<mod4>m  vertical-maximize  

I just wish I could figure out how to get metacity (or some helper) to
also do an iconify via <mod4>button-2.  I guess I'm still a twm guy at

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht                http://www.wsrcc.com/wolfgang/

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